Young adult sci-fi / fantasy novels by R. A. Marshall

...listed in the best order for reading...

Portal & the Panther

Guardians of the Portal, book 1

Destiny's knocking at Jon Parker's door. Will he open it, or just walk away? Get it free here.

Girl Between Worlds

Guardians of the Portal, book 2

Kristin thought she was an ordinary cheerleader... albeit with a few problems. Guess not. Get it free here.

The Rook & the King

Guardians of the Portal, book 3

Layla's stranded with her arch-nemesis. Can Jon and Kristin find her in time? Read more.

Playing With Fire

Lost Children, book 1

A fire. An accidental psychic. A chance for two foster kids to stop an interdimensional civil war. Read more.

Mind Games

Lost Children, book 2

When everyone's playing mind games, someone has to lose. Read more.

Stranger Worlds

FREE Nine-Book Boxed Set

An urban fantasy collection with nine full-length, first-in-series books. Read more.

Glimpse Anthology

FREE Short Story Anthology

A variety of short stories by independent authors. Read more.

LGBTQ Books by Eliza Andrews

...unapologetic f/f fiction...

To Have Loved & Lost

Stand-alone f/f romance

When two people's lives are spiraling out of control, can coming together bring both of them back up? Read more.