mad libs 2

Mad Libs with The Rook & the King, Chapter 3

Fill in the blanks, Mad Libs-style!

Submit your work either through the comments section below or via email to ramarshall [ at ] ninja-writer [ dot ] com.  You can either guess the “right” words for each blank or you can try to make it fun and ridiculous.



Two days earlier – Saturday, March 16


mad libsI came to slowly, groggily.  Night had fallen, and for a moment I didn’t understand where I was.  But memories of the past few hours nagged at the edge of my consciousness, a nightmare that refused to fade.

[NOUNS] chasing me through a forest.  [WEAPONS].  [WEAPONS].  A poison [WEAPON] that nearly made me their victim.  Now I remembered where I was.

Shaky, I pulled myself into a sitting position, leaning against the [NOUN].  Unfamiliar sounds rippled through the [PLACE].

I was naked and cold.  I pulled my knees up to my chest, hugging them.

Were the [NOUNS] out there?  I [VERB] into the [PLACE], but in human form, my [BODY PARTS] were too weak to [VERB FROM ABOVE] much.  Once or twice I thought something moved among the [NOUNS], but it could have been my imagination.

I needed to [VERB].  Then I could find [CHARACTER] and [CHARACTER].  The [ADJECTIVE] indicated we’d probably already been separated for hours, and they had to be wondering where I was.

I reached for my [ADJECTIVE + NOUN], wanting to feel my arms as [ANIMAL BODY PARTS] again, wanting to be able to see something in this [ADJECTIVE + PLACE].

Nothing came.

The [NOUN]‘s [WEAPON] had taken too much out of me.  I’d been teetering at the brink of exhaustion well before our arrival in this world; the previous night was still a confused swirl of events.  My hair smelled like smoke, and my side ached from the spot where [CHARACTER’S] [WEAPON] had bitten into me.  I reached down, gingerly exploring the [WORD FOR INJURY] with my fingertips.

I’d told my mom before [GERUND VERB] to [CHARACTER]‘s house that the wound was fine, but if I’d been honest, I would have told her that it was going to be a few days before I was up to full strength again.  Shifters heal fast, but not that fast, and I’d lost a fair amount of blood.

This is what happens when you break the Code, my inner good-girl chided.  I told you so.


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