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5-Star reviews from Amazon:How to Succeed at Textbroker


“I learned about “How to Succeed at Textbroker: A Complete Guide for Freelance Writers” through a freelance writing blog post and was immediately interested in reading this book. As a freelance writer already working with Textbroker, I was particularly interested in whatever tips I could learn about selecting assignments, using time effectively and additional resources. While a previous review was negative*, it was based on e-book format issues and not on content, I decided to purchase it. I wasn’t disappointed. The information contained in RA Marshall’s book is definitely worth more than the comparatively small price aspiring Textbroker authors will pay for it. It is written in a conversational, easy-to-read style and contains useful summaries at the end of each chapter. It is also a short book and doesn’t waste time with extraneous material. This is a good investment and I recommend it.” — J. Taylor, Amazon review


“So I’m in a financial pickle right now, and as my hours at my job get diminished, I’m looking to make the leap to textbroker writing. I bought this book at 5.99 ( I read that it was cheaper before ) and I was kind of on the fence of buying it, but I caught the sense that this was a very straightforward and honest guide to textbroker success and I decided that it would be worth it if it delivered what I expected.

It did. I’m only half way through and RA has truly cut through the fogginess I initially had concerning having success with textbroker. He offers some pretty solid tips that are very reassuring, and explain some should-be-common-sense tactics that will help me get started.

Although I’m not going to make the jump full time to Textbroker just yet I plan to in a few weeks after I’ve sharpened up on my writing and reading skills again. This guide has shown plainly that I can have a good simple (not easy, but not mentally strenuous) job that has the potential to be quite fun… if you’re into writing.

I understand that the Kindle formatting has kind of messed up some of the text in the book*, but it really doesn’t detract from the content. I gave this author a 5 star review because I think what he delivers has a far greater value than what I paid for it. If I were to change anything I’d just say he edit the formatting a bit and just keep tweaking it until it shows up right on the Kindle… maybe he needs to save it as an HTML version? Idk. But it really isn’t that big of a deal.

Thanks RA for this SHORT, SIMPLE, and LOGICAL guide to Textbroker that feels like it was written just for me.” — Jason, Amazon review

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* Note:  Both of these reviews mention a scathing 1-star review I received shortly after publishing it.  The review was based upon a formatting issue that stemmed from my lack of familiarity with publishing Kindle books.  I’ve fixed that since the initial poor review.




In 2008, I accepted a job at a small non-profit.  The job was exactly what I wanted; the money left something to be desired.  To supplement my income and pay off my debt, I started exploring freelance writing.  Later that year, I became a Textbroker.com author.  From 2008 until 2013, I earned several hundred dollars per month working part-time for Textbroker.  I worked my way up to 5-star status and reached a point that I could have earned a full-time living from Textbroker (if I had wished to work for them full-time).


While working for Textbroker clients, I authored several different ebooks.  This made me ask the question, “Why am I writing ebooks for other people, when I could just as easily be writing them for myself?”  Thinking in this way, I decided to try self-publishing for the first time.  How to Succeed at Textbroker was my first attempt.


I no longer write for Textbroker, but I think my little guide is a beneficial resource for anyone who would like to earn a part-time or full-time resource for the site.  It will help you get started with Textbroker and teach you how to maximize your earnings from the site as a writer.




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