The Rook & the King

Work in Progress Wednesday: An Excerpt from Book 3

Book 3, titled The Rook & the King, will be out in May 2015.  In case you’ve been wondering what it might contain, here’s an excerpt from the third chapter of the book.  Warning:  This chapter might change between now and the time of publication!


Tuesday morning, March 26

We stood ankle-deep in murky water, waist-high green reeds scattered all around us.  The air was thick, misty; the sun either wasn’t up yet or it was an overcast day in this world.  Heavy, wet heat saturated the air.  It reminded me of an airless bathroom after a hot shower.

I scanned the horizon, looking for a portal.

We didn’t understand how Kristin’s ability worked, but she always landed us fairly close to a portal.  As far as we could tell, the furthest she’d ever landed from a portal was on her first trip, when she landed on the beach in the Shifters’ world.

My cat’s eyes spotted a black shape looming in the mist.

There, I said, turning towards it.  Dave and Kyle followed my gaze, but their weaker eyes probably couldn’t see the black archway through the fog.

I stalked towards it, my paws squelching through the muck as I went.  I didn’t like the feeling of the swampy ground beneath my feet.  Soft and spongy, it felt as if it would give way beneath me at any moment.


That’s it!  Stay tuned for more excerpts as May approaches.

photo credit: T Hall via photopin cc

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